!!> Epub ➡ Skateboarding and the City ➠ Author Iain Borden – Varunahuja.live

!!> Epub ➡ Skateboarding and the City  ➠ Author Iain Borden – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Skateboarding and the City
  • Iain Borden
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9781472583451

Skateboarding and the City Skateboarding Is Both A Sport And A Way Of Life Creative, Physical, Graphic, Urban And Controversial, It Is Full Of Contradictions A Billion Dollar Global Industry Which Still Retains Its Vibrant, Counter Cultural Heart Skateboarding And The City Presents The Only Complete History Of The Sport, Exploring The Story Of Skate Culture From The Surf Beaches Of 60s California To The Latest Developments In Street Skating Today Written By A Life Long Skater Who Also Happens To Be An Architectural Historian, And Packed Through With Full Colour Images Of Skaters, Boards, Moves, Graphics, And Film Stills This Passionate, Readable And Rigorously Researched Book Explores The History Of Skateboarding And Reveals A Vivid Understanding Of How Skateboarders, Through Their Actions, Experience The City And Its Architecture In A Unique Way.

About the Author: Iain Borden

Iain Borden is Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, England.Research by Iain Borden explores how architecture and cities are experienced and re used by the public.Architecture and cities are crucial to how people live and society operates Without homes, shops and parks, without offices, workplaces and airports, our world would grind to a

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    Iain Borden s book Skateboarding and the City presents a practical example of French Marxist philosopher Henri Lefebvre s notion of Production of Space Henri Lefebvre discusses, at length, his theory that all societies and modes of production create space their own space Lefebvre, like many philosophers presents his idea in a somewhat impenetrable manner to the outsider Whilst a cursory understanding of his theory is almost essential for understanding the origins of Bordens work, Borden gives you a detailed, step by step guide to one of the best examples of this theory at play His work expands from Lefebvres ideas into his own with discussions of phrases such as super architectural space and zero degree architecture yet the roots of theory remain embedded in Lefebvres work throughout.The book and ideas, however, never come across as derivative Borden is unflinchingly thorough in contextually examining the origins, devices, sub cultures and interpretations of the city that are unique to skaters and skateboarding that this remains truly his own work Skateboarding, Space and the City performs well as not only an architectural companion, but as a history of skateboarding, a memorandum on city subcultures and a discussion on culture c...

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